Understanding the Language of SEO

Understanding the Language of SEO

Have you ever been to a doctor or spoken to a tradesperson who just talks in jargon? That habit can lead to poor communication, as well as leaving you feeling like you don’t understand what the expert is saying or what they are advising.

It’s the same in search engine optimisation. As a fairly new industry, the terms are not used in common language yet. And because SEO is highly specialised, it has developed it’s own array of terms, phrases and shorthand that its own experts understand.

But SEO isn’t just for experts. Businesses of all kinds rely on SEO to ensure that their services are placed well on Google search results. And even for businesses that want to get some professional help with their SEO for their website(s) it helps to know the terms so you can ask informed questions when you interview people or companies for the role.

We’ve collected some of the terms you should know right here and made the explanations simple and easy to grasp so you can get up to speed quickly.

‘Google My Business’ Listing – possibly one of the most important and cost effective things any business can do (if they haven’t already). This listing is free to all local businesses and allows businesses to be found more easily in search, to add their location, be found on Google Maps and add their opening hours and contact information so that when a customer searches for them by name, that information appears in the search results.

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5 Ways To Ensure Your Business Partnership Is Successful

5 Ways To Ensure Your Business Partnership Is Successful

Forming a partnership with another person is a highly successful way of doing business and it is also one of the most rewarding, given that not only do you share in the profits, but the burden of running the business is halved. Having a partnership agreement created at the start by your commercial lawyer at www.rowebristol.com.au ensures that there are no legal curveballs to overcome, and there are several others ways your partnership can thrive.

For a partnership to succeed, there are countless steps each partner can take, but to simplify this, we are going to highlight 5 of these ways, which can influence the success of your business partnership the most.

#1 Have The Same Values

If each partner shares the same values then it is a great foundation upon which they can build their business. By having the same values, sharing the same dreams, and having a desire to achieve the same goals, whilst partners may occasionally disagree day to day on small details, they will both be on the same mission with regards to the long-term success of their business partnership.

#2 Compliment Each Other’s Skills And Strengths

By this, we do not mean say ‘Well done’ to each other (although nothing wrong in that) but instead have a partner where the skills, knowledge, and experience that they have, fit perfectly with those that you bring to the table. They do not need to be the same, but instead complimentary, so a sales expert, teaming up with marketing champion means one partner finds the prospects, and the other turns them into paying customers.

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