10 Actions To Enhance Your Web Design Skills

10 Actions To Enhance Your Web Design Skills

If you ask the top web designers to name the one thing that made them so skilled at what they do, we are certain few would be able to answer in those terms. We say that because, to become not just proficient, but highly skilled in web design, takes more than “one thing”, as it happens due to several factors.

These factors will have been the many actions that those web designers took to learn their craft, hone their creativity, increase their knowledge, and master the skills required to become top web designers. Further, there is no secret to their success because much of what is required to become a top web designer is well documented.

All of the top web designers will have taken actions that moved them forward in their careers, and if you read on you will discover some of those actions. If you are considering becoming a web designer, or have already started but want to accelerate your career, follow as many of these as you can and you will be following the path already well-trodden by the top web designers in the industry.

Learn And Practice As You Go On Websites Of Family And Friends: In your early career, a great way to practice web design and learn more about it without the pressure of working for a client, is building, fixing, and upgrading the websites of those you know.

Enrol In Online Web Design Courses: There is no shortage of excellent web design courses online that you can follow at a pace that suits you, and which will arm you with much of the core skills and knowledge required.

Become Proficient In The Main Web Design Tools And Website Builders: The more knowledge and experience you have of the main web design software and tools you are likely to be using, the better a web designer you will be.

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WordPress Website

How Should I Use Google Analytics With My WordPress Site?

Although just a few years ago web designers were relatively uncommon, website creation and monetisation is quickly becoming an extremely competitive field. While a lot of people try and create their own WordPress websites with the idea of quick, easy money, most of them fail.

The most common reasons for failure are people not really knowing what they are doing and people ignoring crucial warning signs about their website. Google analytics is an extremely useful tool for web developers which can be used to provide insights into websites and their performance.

What exactly is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a freemium service provided by Google. It is designed to help you get the most out of your website by providing you with a wide range of insights into the performance of your website and the behaviours of your visitors. Some of the services that Google Analytics provides include:

  • Online advertising campaign management. The Analytics platform allow you to see how visitors interacted with your Google Ads campaign, how successful your campaign was, and what campaigns worked best.
  • Tracking visitor numbers. Analytics tells you how many people visit your website, where they come from, and what time of day they visit. Real-time monitoring is also possible, and tells you exactly who is on your website and where they are from.
  • E-commerce reporting. If you run some sort of e-commerce store, then a few stats are going to be extremely useful when it comes to optimising your store. Google Analytics can give you information about the people who are shopping on your website and what they are buying.

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Social Media Marketing

How To Use Facebook To Promote Your Family Lawyers Business

Even if you are not an active user of social media yourself personally, nor have never considered it as a means of promoting your family lawyers business, it cannot have escaped your notice that social media plays a huge role in the lives of many people. Individuals use it to communicate with friends and family across the globe, they get their news from it, and social media  is also a huge influencer with certain posts and stories suddenly going viral and being seen by millions.

At the top of the social media tree there is Facebook, and whilst it often is the target of some justifiable criticism, there is no denying that many people spend much of their lives on that platform. As a business owner,, this should alert you to the fact that many of those people will be those living in your local community and in the areas where your client base is located.

It is a simple fact of marketing that if you want to promote your business then you need to do so where your potential clients will be and can consume your marketing messages. Before the internet existed that would have been  local newspapers, TV, radio, and billboards. Today, it is on social media platforms such as Facebook where those same people can be found.

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Understanding Search Types for SEO

Understanding Search Types for SEO

Everyone uses search engines for everything now. Finding a local business. Researching a holiday destination. Figuring out how to fix something in the house. And it’s tempting to think of all ‘search’ as the same.

But it’s not quite that simple, and for those businesses that truly understand search, their search engine optimisation (SEO) can get a huge boost.

So, what are the main types of search and why should you care?

Classifying Search

Search classification is useful because it allows businesses to tailor their content to meet the needs of different types of searcher. This specialisation and specificity is beneficial because it allows more precise targeting of users based on what they are putting into a search bar.

Being clear and specific is also helpful. For example, if you’re trekking through the wilderness in North America and someone sees an something rustling in the bushes, then knowing that it has four legs and fur is sort of helpful because it tells you it’s an animal. But the specific detail ‘it’s over 2 metres tall’ is where the real value is because it’s this information that tells you that the animal is likely a bear, not a small household cat. More detail is always better.

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SEO Target Marketing

SEO Local Target Marketing

If you want to have a successful business, you need to make sure that all your company information and advertisements reach your local target audience.

This may not be easy, but digital marketing agencies like slinkydigital.com.au are experts in local SEO marketing, which can be a great help in attaining your local advertising goals.

The survival and growth of a business are greatly dependent on local target marketing. Unknowingly or by design, you may already be using target marketing techniques in your advertising campaigns.

Target marketing consists of directing your advertisements and commercials to focus on a particular segment of consumers. If you are selectively placing your commercials and ads on certain websites based on their readers and site contents, it means you are already using target marketing to promote your business. In this scenario, SEO target marketing is simply extending what you are already doing a little further.

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Understanding the ‘Plumbing’ of SEO – How it Works

Understanding the ‘Plumbing’ of SEO – How it Works

There are a lot of things in the world that we don’t fully understand, but that need to work so that our lives can go on. Things like Wi-Fi and the reliable supply of water and electricity are just a few examples of goods and services that only a small percentage of people fully understand, but that we all rely on.

The same concept applies to SEO: only a few people fully understand it, but millions of businesses rely on good search engine optimisation to get better ranking on results pages. That better ranking can drive new browsers, that then turn into paying customers. And from there, revenue and profit can flow.

To help break down the walls, we’ve come up with a ‘SEO Basics’ post so that you can better understand the concepts that make SEO work.

Web Crawling

The first thing that all search engines must do is ‘crawl’ the internet, and all the websites and pages in it.

This is sort of like an explorer from the 1600’s setting out on a ship to map parts of the world that had not been explored yet. But instead of using ships on the ocean, search engines send out web crawlers to find content. Content that these crawlers find can range from entire web pages to single images. It can also include uploads to web pages such as documents and videos.

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Understanding the Language of SEO

Understanding the Language of SEO

Have you ever been to a doctor or spoken to a tradesperson who just talks in jargon? That habit can lead to poor communication, as well as leaving you feeling like you don’t understand what the expert is saying or what they are advising.

It’s the same in search engine optimisation. As a fairly new industry, the terms are not used in common language yet. And because SEO is highly specialised, it has developed it’s own array of terms, phrases and shorthand that its own experts understand.

But SEO isn’t just for experts. Businesses of all kinds rely on SEO to ensure that their services are placed well on Google search results. And even for businesses that want to get some professional help with their SEO for their website(s) it helps to know the terms so you can ask informed questions when you interview people or companies for the role.

We’ve collected some of the terms you should know right here and made the explanations simple and easy to grasp so you can get up to speed quickly.

‘Google My Business’ Listing – possibly one of the most important and cost effective things any business can do (if they haven’t already). This listing is free to all local businesses and allows businesses to be found more easily in search, to add their location, be found on Google Maps and add their opening hours and contact information so that when a customer searches for them by name, that information appears in the search results.

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SEO Results

Latest Tactics To Boost Your SEO Results

By its very nature SEO is a constantly evolving field, with both the search engines and website owners continually looking for ways to improve. Whether that is the quality of search engine results on the part of Google and others, or with webmasters using the latest techniques and tools, according to SEO Perth Search Engine Optimisation is undoubtedly something that you must constantly keep up to date with.

If you wish to have any advantage in terms of website’s SEO, there are a few techniques which you should start, or if you have already started using them, should consider increasing your focus on. Whilst these are not exactly brand new, they are certainly having an ever-greater influence when it comes to how the search engines rank websites.

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5 Ways To Ensure Your Business Partnership Is Successful

5 Ways To Ensure Your Business Partnership Is Successful

Forming a partnership with another person is a highly successful way of doing business and it is also one of the most rewarding, given that not only do you share in the profits, but the burden of running the business is halved. Having a partnership agreement created at the start by your commercial lawyer at www.rowebristol.com.au ensures that there are no legal curveballs to overcome, and there are several others ways your partnership can thrive.

For a partnership to succeed, there are countless steps each partner can take, but to simplify this, we are going to highlight 5 of these ways, which can influence the success of your business partnership the most.

#1 Have The Same Values

If each partner shares the same values then it is a great foundation upon which they can build their business. By having the same values, sharing the same dreams, and having a desire to achieve the same goals, whilst partners may occasionally disagree day to day on small details, they will both be on the same mission with regards to the long-term success of their business partnership.

#2 Compliment Each Other’s Skills And Strengths

By this, we do not mean say ‘Well done’ to each other (although nothing wrong in that) but instead have a partner where the skills, knowledge, and experience that they have, fit perfectly with those that you bring to the table. They do not need to be the same, but instead complimentary, so a sales expert, teaming up with marketing champion means one partner finds the prospects, and the other turns them into paying customers.

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Top SEO Risks

Top 5 SEO risks you should avoid

Developing a strong SEO strategy can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience or a strong digital marketing background. However, there are some things that you should always do, and some things that you should avoid at all costs.

There are quite a few SEO mistakes that are a lot more common than they should be, and you should do everything in your power to avoid them. However, if you’re like many other people, you might not even know that you’re making mistakes.

With this in mind, I’ve put together this list of the top 5 SEO risks that you should never take:

  1. Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is essentially the process of creating low-quality content that’s filled with keywords in a way that’s unnatural and reads poorly. In the past, keyword stuffing was common, but Google has cracked down on it in recent years.

You might get away with keyword stuffing for a while, but you will be caught and penalized eventually. Don’t ever fall into the trap of creating poor quality content that’s unnaturally full of keywords. Instead, focus on adding well-written, informative content with keywords naturally placed throughout.

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