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Latest Tactics To Boost Your SEO Results

By its very nature SEO is a constantly evolving field, with both the search engines and website owners continually looking for ways to improve. Whether that is the quality of search engine results on the part of Google and others, or with webmasters using the latest techniques and tools, according to SEO Perth Search Engine Optimisation is undoubtedly something that you must constantly keep up to date with.

If you wish to have any advantage in terms of website’s SEO, there are a few techniques which you should start, or if you have already started using them, should consider increasing your focus on. Whilst these are not exactly brand new, they are certainly having an ever-greater influence when it comes to how the search engines rank websites.

The first is ensuring your website is fully optimised for mobile devices. The boom in the use of smartphones and tablets over the past few years has been enormous, to the extent that millions of web users no longer use a traditional PC or laptop to access the internet.

If your website isn’t optimised for viewing on mobile devices, get it sorted immediately as your site will be penalised until it does. There is also the practical matter of your site not being properly visible on the screen if it not mobile optimised.

Next, we come to the huge impact of social media on our lives and why it is imperative for you to place sufficient emphasis on it when considering SEO. It is not only the quality of the content that you post on social media which will drive traffic to your site, but also expanding your reach beyond just Facebook and Pinterest, for example, you will bring huge rewards.

There are literally hundreds of social media sites and if you implement a properly thought out campaign to have quality content linking to your website from as many of these as possible your ranking should improve. In addition, you will be receiving traffic from these social media sites which can lead to sales, customers and subscribers.

One of the increasingly popular technologies is voice activation, with users now able to do everything from switching TV channel, to dimming the lights vocally. It might seem like a lazy person’s ideal gift, but from a business point of view, it has opportunities for you.

In particular, the use of voice search on mobile devices has increased greatly, so those businesses which have their websites optimised for voice search commands have a distinct advantage over those who don’t.

From audio, we now consider video, which plays a bigger and bigger role on the internet with each passing day. Video allows you to both educate and entertain your viewers, whether that is on your website, or on a video aggregation site such as YouTube or Vimeo. Those viewers can become customers if the content is good enough so ensure the videos you create are of a high quality.

It’s reported that over 60% of searches on Google are for videos. With this in mind, your SEO strategy must include ranking videos, and in particular on YouTube, which is owned by Google. If you follow this tactic, and your competitors are not, there will be only one winner…you.