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3 Web Design Trends To Avoid in 2018

It is now the 18th year since the turn of the new millennium, and the world of marketing has shifted into the digital world faster than we could have imagined. All businesses, big and small, know that a good online presence is more significant now than ever before. The importance of their presence in the digital world is going to keep on increasing. If you ask digital marketing experts like Peter Brittain, at the epicentre of a company’s online presence is their website. The trends in web design have been seeing shifts with every passing year with businesses constantly in a bid to improve the traffic to their websites and improve on their success.

The trends in web design are constantly changing. To stay ahead of the competition, the web design companies have to follow the latest trends. That being said, the trends for web designing that businesses follow have to be effective ones. Here are a few examples of web design trends that should be avoided in 2018.

  1. Floating Content

The floating content on websites is something that is right there in the middle of your website and stays there while you scroll up and down the page. This can be anything from the menu options to advertisements to social media platform sharing options.

This web design trend is somehow being used quite liberally but it is an annoying trend that does the opposite of encouraging your visitors to engage. They can block some of the important content on your website and visitors close the tab because they want to see the content and not some omnipresent options blocking the content instead.

  1. Endless Scrolling

Another strange web design trend that has recently picked up is the infinite scrolling. When people are scrolling down your website, the lower they go, the more content starts to appear. It is endless. This can become an annoying thing for your users since infinite scrolling effectively means they cannot access the footer of your website which is an important part of your website.

  1. One Page Design

You will see some websites have their web design done in a way that all of the content that they have is on a single web page. While it makes sense that their intention is to give all the relevant information to visitors on a single page, it can have an adverse effect on the engagement factor for your company’s website.

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