Social Media Marketing

Grim, Tough Questions About Whether Your Social Media Marketing Campaign Works

We have to admit, we flinched a little when we read, 10 Questions for Social Media Measurement Success. We know that a lot of ecommerce marketing right now is more enthusiasm than follow-through. Most web marketers still think in terms of ‘just push that message out to the public and they’ll click the link – something good is bound to happen, right?’

Well, actually, no. Even big companies are discovering that social media saturation only takes you so far. For instance, in 2010, Proctor & Gamble knocked themselves out on the biggest viral marketing campaign ever with actor Isaiah Mustafa making videos in a bathroom set and posting them on YouTube. The web audience laughed, sighed, applauded… and didn’t buy a single bottle of Old Spice. Thanks for the free entertainment, P&G!

Another example is more recent, clothing retailer GAP’s logo stunt… they changed their official logo to some bland plain text, and released the announcement to the media. Then retracted it in about 48 hours. Good thing, they generated some murmurs in the web for a weekend, they didn’t have to spend a lot of money, and it was out of our faces before we knew it. But most people’s reaction was “Who cares?” Well, that’s not what you want your customer to say about your products.